Klang's first move into developing adventurous and daring multiplayer games.


Experience the greatest racing adventure of all time!

Released in July 2016 for iOS and Android devices, ReRunners throws players into a world of action-packed, side-scrolling races, competing against other Runners worldwide.

Focusing on skill rather than button-bashing, every movement made by the player could drastically affect the outcome of a race. One false move and they'll go from hero to zero; it's a thumb-trembling experience.

The player can choose to play offensively or defensively from game-to-game by using various weapons and power-ups. Players can upgrade their Runner's skills via a comprehensive skill tree, offering a deeper level of character progression.

Set in an open world, players can explore the land of the Runners; a thriving environment filled with easter eggs, collectibles, mini-games, and other players to befriend.

ReRunners offers players vast character customization options, which breathes life into the ReRunners world. From robots and clowns to fish heads, players are inspired to create the wackiest of creations.

ReRunners focuses on encouraging a socially engaging environment, both in-game and in real life. Players can compete head-to-head against their friends, build up a list of Buddies, and join the growing ReRunners community - from conversing within the game's feed/journal to interacting on the game's official forum.

Awards and Acclaim

TouchArcade: Multiplayer Platforming Gold - 4.5 / 5, and Game of the Week

“I just can. not. stop. playing. (…) This game is capital F fun.” - Touch Arcade

Pocket Gamer: Doing Laps Around the Competition - 9 / 10, and Gold Award

“Silly, exciting, well-balanced, and a fantastically good time (…) If you are looking for a fast, fun platformer, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything better on mobile.” - Pocket Gamer. 

Indie Prize Award Winner: Tel Aviv 2016 - "Best Game Design" and "Best Multiplayer Game"

ReRunners is published by Tilting Point. You can download the ReRunners Press Kit here.