Seed is a simulation MMO where players interact and collaborate to create a world driven by real emotion and aspiration.


A persistent simulation where the player's goal is to take over a vast planet to ensure the survival of humanity.

Players must manage multiple characters and create their routines, allowing them to develop their community and progress on their own organically.

Every move, thought, or decision made by a player will have a knock-on effect and impact the colonization and overall structure of the planet.

As a player's community is constantly under threat, it's important to maintain sanity levels by ensuring the well-being of their physical and mental health. As progression happens organically, characters will grow, breed, and develop their social construct.

Seed utilizes Improbable's SpatialOS, which allows Seed to be a persistent, continuously running simulation, with all Seed-Universe game logic running and living on the technology's powerful server.

Seed is currently in its pre-Alpha stage.